Saturday, March 30, 2013

Super amazing dog!

Nevada has really been doing a fantastic job.  He went to his second meet and greet today and performed swimmingly.  He didn't show any interest in a couple of wee dogs that were on leash in the area and he was a perfect gentleman with all the kids that stopped by to pet him.

Nevada has the "sleeping like a baby" down pat.   

He follows us up the stairs.....

And down the stairs.. with no prompting...

Slippery floors... What slippery floors .. now wheres my dinner!

Playing with friends... Yep, hes got that down pat too.

Crashing a long day..  No Problem!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nevada gets an A+

Nevada is doing fantastic.  He is getting straight A's at pet university and is ready for full time employment.

Nevada likes to chill in the Sunroom with the other dogs.  We are not crating him at night time and he sleeps peacefully through the night trouble free.

He has some collector tendencies.  Specifically he likes our blankets.  When I'm looking for a blanket in the evenings, I have learned to check the dog bed first.  He isn't destructive or anything he just likes to nest.

We do crate him when we are out of the house as per the rules of fostering.  He crates super easily, and remains calm when we leave and when we come home.  I have left him un-crated and alone (in a controlled area) for short periods of time and he behaved like a perfect gentleman.

He has rebounded well from his big bad auto scare.  Some will still get him nervous if they come up behind him however he doesn't try to bolt anymore.  For the most part we can have a nice mile walk without a tangled mess of leashes and dogs.  Loose leashes and walking in sync is the new status quo.

Warning Gratuitous roaching pic to follow!

As you can see Nevada is a beautiful lovely boy.  He is going to be a fantastic pet.  If you are lucky, perhaps yours!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

No more staples for me!

In order to make the transition into pet life greyhounds must make "the ultimate sacrifice".  For that sacrifice they should be rewarded with a life time of love, fun and toys.  Nevada has been on low activity restriction until he got the staples removed from his surgery.  Now his conversion to the pet side is complete and today he frolicked.  We all went to the field where I like to let the boys play.  (It is very true that greyhounds don't need any more exercise than other dogs when they enter pet-dom, but they sure do enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a large fenced space.) Once the boys had tired themselves out I made the necessary adjustments for photos.

Woops, I guess the boys had another run left in them.  Nevada was tailing one of my boys here, but that certainly wasn't the case through out the day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 1

Nevada is coming along nicely.  The shock of leaving track life and entering house life is starting to wane and he has been discovering a lot of new things.  He has started to play with toys and today he felt comfortable enough to enter into a full roach position.  He has come along nicely with the stairs.  We have two very difficult stair runs. He goes up one run quite nicely however on the other run he panics and tries to jump up the top four steps in one single bound.  Today I started placing treats on each of the steps in order to slow his ascent.  This way he has to slow down and hit every step to get each treat.  
Nevada got spooked on a walk the other day.  A big loud noisy car came by and I think he got tangled up in his leash.  The last two walks he has tried to head for the hills if a car gets near.  Yesterday and today we have started to address this by standing on the front yard near the road and waiting for cars to go by.  He got a tasty bit of hot dog before during and after the car passing.  He responded well to this and I think we may have nipped this in the bud.  I'm going to walk him by himself for a while though, so that I can give him the reassurance he needs, until he builds his confidence up.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Enter Nevada

Nevada came made his entrance into the world of pet-dome on March 7th.   Right away it was obvious that he is one laid back cool dude. He was able to walk on the slick floors immediately  however when something spooks him he still needs a little stabilization.  He doesn't do inside tall narrow stairs yet but we have some of the toughest around, so I know he will master them soon.  He is also a very good leash walker and while he likes to be out front, he walks with slack in the leash.

I have also been very pleased at how he has been getting on with my boys.  At one point he and one of mine were sharing this bed without complaint.  

Nevada is quickly learning the new routine.  He crates easily and has been very calm during the comings and goings of both man and beast.  I am very sure this boy will be a great addition to someones family soon!